This is a tip for anyone out there starting a new website. Whether it’s for a business or a personal project, be the master of your own domain name!!

Here’s what I mean by this: in the initial stages of creating your website, be sure to have your own accounts with registrars and hosting companies. Trust me, it will make things easier in the long run. Even if creating a GoDaddy or Network solutions account sounds scary and weird, try to at least start the account yourself. Most of these companies have user friendly interfaces and dashboards, it’s not rocket surgery! Just start the account, once it’s set up, have the web designer do the services purchasing on your behalf. In most cases, you can provide the designer your account info to these accounts.

There shouldn’t be any security concerns. Your credit info will be on file in these accounts but a good web designer will provide you with the final costs prior to making any charges within your account. After they have done their thing, simply change the password to your master account once they have completed the settings. This will not affect the FTP accounts (the way a web designer accesses your website).

Still not sold? You might say: “Bahh, I’m too busy to set up these accounts and have no interest in trying to negotiate these web service providers’ screens”. No worries, just have the web designer set up these accounts on your behalf. Even if you have to forward the web designer a slew of verification emails to get the account set up, it’s worth it.

Here’s why.

IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ELSE RESERVE YOUR DOMAIN NAMES OR HOSTING SPACE, it can be a nightmare down the road. Trust me.

Look, I’m the artsy fartsy type, I like doing the fun creative stuff like designing the graphics and building the site. Even though I have a strong knowledge of web based IT actions and appreciate ALL the work I get, playing IT detective is not my most desired role when I take over a web project for a client. What I mean by this that I don’t like charging the client for the time it takes to track down usernames, passwords, service providers, account numbers, etc. I’m pretty sure the client would rather not pay me to do this as well! Sometimes I have to spend HOURS trying to decipher this service provider puzzle. Not only that, you never know what will happen with your professional relationships. What if someone reserves your domain name under their account and changes their contact info…or if you have a “falling out” with them…or the person moves to Hawaii, becomes a Yoga instructor and stops answering emails (true story). Moral of the story: reserve your own stuff!!

Okay, let’s seal this thing up:

  • Reserve YOUR domain name, under YOUR account.
  • If you don’t feel technically savvy enough to do this, have a professional reserve the domain name under YOUR name, in YOUR account on YOUR behalf.
  • Save all service provider names, account numbers, usernames and passwords in secure place.
  • Tip your waitresses.

Need a website but still don’t know where to start? Well, what a coinkydink…I do ALL this stuff 🙂

Feel free to contact me about any of these services and thanks for reading my boring post. Now, back to funny cat memes… or